Training and Workshops

I am an RStudio Certified Instructor, and I love teaching people to use R. These courses are hands-on, using clear, engaging projects. While my approach is particularly geared towards health scientists, you will learn best practices relevant to all aspects of data science. My course materials are also intentionally modular; if the contents of any course don't fit your exact needs, we can easily re-arrange them to better suit your team!

Interactive workshops in R

Introduction to the Tidyverse

A 1-day workshop introducing the Tidyverse. In this workshop, you'll learn how to read data with readr and haven, how to transform data with dplyr, and how to visualize data with ggplot2.

R Bootcamp

A 2-day workshop introducing the Tidyverse, basic modeling, and R Markdown. In the R Bootcamp, you will learn reading, transforming, tidying, and visualizing data. You'll also learn the basics of modeling in R and how to write reproducible documents with R Markdown.

Mastering R for Health Research

A 5-day workshop introducing the Tidyverse, basic modeling, R Markdown, Shiny, and programming with R. This course will teach you how to work with and visualize data with the Tidyverse, write robust R code, create interactive web applications with Shiny, and write reproducible documents with R Markdown.

Building Interactive Web Apps with Shiny

A 1-day workshop introducing Shiny. In this workshop, you will learn how to create interactive web applications completely in R using the Shiny framework. You'll make apps that let users create interact with plots, data tables, dashboards, and more.

Developing R Packages

A 1-day workshop introducing R package development using modern tools. In this workshop, you'll be building R packages right away. You'll learn modern tools like usethis that make development efficient and fun. You'll also learn how to document and test your R code to make it a great user experience.

R Markdown for Health Scientists

A 1/2-day workshop diving more deeply into R Markdown. You'll learn the basics of creating reproducible reports and articles using R, to manage research papers reproducibly, managing citations and journal citation styles, and making outputs that are publication-quality.

Designing ggplots

A 1/2-day workshop that will take your ggplot2 data visualizations to the next level. You'll create beautiful, expressive plots that communicate effectively. You'll learn highlighting, direct labeling, annoation, combining plots, and more.

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