Zen and the Art of R Package Development

Image by Kaz Tanahashi


R packages make it easier to write robust, reproducible code, and modern tools in R development like usethis make it easy to work with packages. When you write R packages, you also unlock a whole ecosystem of tools that will make it easier to test, document, and share your code. Despite these benefits, many believe package development is too advanced for them or that they have nothing to offer. A fundamental belief in Zen is that you are already complete, that you already have everything you need. I’ll talk about why your project is already an R package, why you’re already an R package developer, and why you already have the skills to walk the path of development.

Mar 2, 2020 6:00 PM
New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup
New York City, NY
Malcolm Barrett
Clinical Research Data Scientist

I am a data scientist, an R developer, and an epidemiologist. My work in public health has spanned on-ground clinical education and research for clinical and cohort studies. Previously, I was an intern at RStudio, and I served two years in AmeriCorps at federally-qualified health centers in Michigan and New York City.
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