A few talks and workshops I've given

From causal inference to software development, there's nothing more clarifying to me than presenting on a subject.

Selected talks

You're already ready: Zen and the art of R package development


R packages make it easier to write robust, reproducible code, and modern tools in R development like usethis make it easy to work with packages. A fundamental belief in Zen is that you are already complete, that you already have everything you need. I talk about why your project is already an R package, why you’re already an R package developer, and why you already have the skills to walk the path of development.

Selected workshops

Causal Inference in R


In this workshop, we’ll taught the essential elements of answering causal questions in R through causal diagrams, and causal modeling techniques such as propensity scores and inverse probability weighting.

Package Development with R

R for the Rest of Us

A course introducing R package development using modern tools. In this online course, you'll be building R packages right away.