R Packages

The source code for my R Packages can be found on GitHub.

DAG analysis and visualization: ggdag, a package for working with directed acyclic graphs in ggplot2 and built on top of dagitty. ggdag focuses on working with selection bias, confounding, and selecting the right variables to adjust for in an analysis.

Visualization for meta-analyses: tidymeta, including ggplot2 functionality for forest plots, funnel plots, and influence plots.

Creating and visualizing sufficient-component cause models: causalpie, which creates, analyzes, and plots causal pies.

Estimate Sample Size Based on Precision: precisely, a package to estimate sample size based on precision rather than power. Power calculations are focused on whether or not an estimate will be statistically significant; calculations of precision are based on the same prinicples as power calculation but turn the focus to the width of the confidence interval.

Other Packages: mbmisc, a package that contains functionsI use often and ggplot2 themes. koanr, package containing data on important Zen texts.


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Apr 23, 2018
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Aug 13, 2018