Image compiled by Zhi Yang

kakashi is a theme for the xaringan R package for making slides. kakashi has a clean look with color-blind friendly palettes. Marking text as italics (*) will turn it blue, bold (**) will turn it orange, and striking out (~~) will turn it grey. kakashi copies ideas from many other themes, including metropolis and lucy, but is ultimately unique. That is why this CSS (copy shinobi style) is called kakashi, after the copy ninja.

Malcolm Barrett
PhD Student in Epidemiology

I am an R developer and a PhD student in Epidemiology at the University of Southern California. My work in public health has spanned on-ground clinical education and research for clinical and cohort studies. Previously, I was an intern at RStudio, and I served two years in AmeriCorps at federally-qualified health centers in Michigan and New York City.