Introducing ymlthis: a toolkit for working with YAML

I’m pleased to announce that ymlthis 0.1.0, my project for my summer internship at RStudio, is now on CRAN! ymlthis is a toolkit to reduce the pain of working with YAML in the context of R Markdown documents. The two most common issues when working with YAML are getting the syntax right, particularly the white space, and understanding what options you can specify. ymlthis solves these problems by building and documenting YAML from R.

Why should I use the here package when I'm already using projects?

TL;DR: Why should I use here? The here package bottles up several small best practices for referencing files in your project. You could manufacture most of these yourself using a combination of RStudio projects and clever file paths, but the here package is useful because it streamlines these practices without you needing to think about it. The main benefits: here works from the project up. That makes it easy to reference other sub-folders in your directory.