Zen and the Art of R Package Development

R packages make it easier to write robust, reproducible code, and modern tools in R development like usethis make it easy to work with packages. When you write R packages, you also unlock a whole ecosystem of tools that will make it easier to test, …

This time it's personal: Writing personal R packages

A live-code demo of how to write your own R package.

My Organization's First R Package

If your organization uses R, there are clear benefits to having an organizational R package. Such benefits can be realized whether there is only a single R user or dozens of them. An R package focused on the particular needs of an organization can …


A clean theme for xaringan slides with colorblind-friendly palettes

Introducing ymlthis: a toolkit for working with YAML

I’m pleased to announce that ymlthis 0.1.0, my project for my summer internship at RStudio, is now on CRAN! ymlthis is a toolkit to reduce the pain of working with YAML in the context of R Markdown documents. The two most common issues when working with YAML are getting the syntax right, particularly the white space, and understanding what options you can specify. ymlthis solves these problems by building and documenting YAML from R.

Causal Inference notebook

A bookdown site with R code to reproduce the analyses in Causal Inference


@epi_twit, a Twitter bot that retweets the #EpiTwitter hashtag

Learn purrr web app

A Shiny app to help you learn purrr

Los Angeles R Users Group

A community-centered R meetup in Los Angeles, part of a network of Southern California R user groups


An R package for estimating sample size based on precision