Hi. I’m Malcolm Barrett.

I'm an epidemiologist, data scientist, educator, and software developer.

I started my public health career after the Great Recession. I served in AmeriCorps for two years, working at federally-qualified health centers in Michigan and New York City. There, I got a taste for working with health data. While living in Brooklyn and working at the Institute for Family Health, I completed a Masters of Public Health degree, focusing on epidemiology and biostatistics.

It was when I moved to Los Angeles to start my Ph.D. that I got particularly interested in R. I started spending a lot of my time contributing to open-source software, supporting community R events in Southern California, and working as a data scientist. I've since worked at Teladoc Health, Apple, and Posit.

Now, I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my wife, daughter, and cats. These days, I'm interested in making software for causal inference that's useful and useable, and I've been thinking a lot about next-generation data science tools. If you find any of these topics interesting, let's talk!